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Outfit/Makeup of the Day

There’s no audio because my roommate was sleeping ><

Makeup: BB Cream, sun cream, blush, the basic stuff. Just a thin layer of eyeliner on the top and silvery peach cream eye shadow on the bottom waterline and mascara on top and bottom.

Outfit: Jeans and heeled boots. A over sized men’s blue button-down shirt with a short black blazer over it. I rolled the sleeves of the shirt up over the edge of the blazer. Two bangles that I think matches the color of the shirt and this cute droopy necklace. I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry but I thought it’ll look good with my outfit for today ^^ gotta spice a simple outfit up

awkward me is awkward

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Make up for the day~ ^^

I’m going to go to church like this on Sunday and wanted to practice, so I tried it out yesterday.

It’s a dark, smokey eyed look~ which is actually simple to do!

1) Prime, foundation, cover up, ect

2) Use a silvery or light eye shadow as a base all over your lids and up to your brow bones

3) Get a black or dark eyeliner, and line upper eyes very thickly, a little pass the crease of the eye (that’s what I did at least), extend the line and wing it if you want (and this ‘crease’ mostly references to Asian-shaped eyes, whose creases are generally smaller than Caucasians or other races. If you have a big crease, you don’t want to make it that high)

4) Line the lower waterline, up the the where the inner iris ends

5) Take a black eye shadow and pat it over the eye liner, extend it a little past the eye liner and blend it so it gives off the smokey eyed look then with the left over shadow, brush it on the lower waterline

6) Take a glittery black shadow or something similar to it and pat it on the middle of the lid

7) (optional) I put some silvery gray eye shadow just on top of the black eye shadow and highlighted my brow bones with a lighter color

8) Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner and do the same for the bottom waterline

9) You want to keep your lips pretty nude and your skin fairly light since your eyes will stand out more

It’s very sexy~ and very easy ^^

With makeup~

After ^^

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Bare faced~

Before ^^

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So~ this is my makeup for today~

I’m going to a birthday party in the evening and a date with da boyfriend (we’re watching Harold and Kumar hahaha)

I used a silvery eye shadow as a base, then a metallic silver from the middle of the lid, then black eye shadow at the edges and blended it all together~

I used two eyeliners, a thicker black pencil liner and then a more exact, sharp dark brown liquid liner on top of that. I used the thick black liner for my bottom waterline and then used a highlighter for my inner eyes and my brow bone~

So yeah~ I’m pretty new at using eye shadow but I think it came out pretty well~ hehe

What do you guys think?

Oh, the TV is on in the back (Iron Chef haha) and I’m chewing gum ^^

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