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Gaining/Maintaining/Losing Weight during the Winter

I’m gaining weight; and I’m not happy about it ><

It’s because of the boyfriend…he feeds me like no tomorrow…and I really truly appreciate it but I hate that when he buys me something, I can’t control myself and I eat everything;;

So I’ve been gaining weight, my belly is starting to bulge and it makes me angryyy.

But the thing is, I always gain weight during winter anyways, I’m probably just instinctively like going into hibernation mode and stuffing myself with food hahaha.

So guys, lemme give you some tips on maintaining weight during the winter (and I have to keep this up too)

1) Exercise; yeah it’s cold outside, so exercise INSIDE~ (just doing ball toes or arm circles really helps; and if you have stairs around the house or building, TAKE THEM, your winter clothes will act as a weight and make it a real work out)

2) Lotsa meat and protein~ during the winter gives you a lot of strength especially since its really cold ><

3) Vitamins~ to help strengthen your immunization against colds!!!! (I’m so sick right now, so I really recommend vitamins~!)

And also, don’t be discouraged if you do gain weight during the winter; it’s TOTALLY NORMAL because we do tend to be less active and eat more ^^ (and no one can really tell anyways, since you’ll be swaddled in your coats and stuff anyways).

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