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i am 5’4” for all those who are curious

please ask questions through here


Hi guys

Sorry for all the late responses to messages and such.. I don’t check this blog very often >_< as I am no longer dieting nor making any other altercations to my body xD

if you have questions please visit my and ask your questions there ^_^


Anonymous I love you <3'


Anonymous I heard that once you get the double eyelid surgery done, you have to go back for "touchups" a few years later. Is this true?? Did your doctor say anything about that? I want the surgery but don't want to keep needing to go back.

Erm…in some cases, they might have to do it again because it ‘unravels’ but in terms of jeol-gae surgery, there isn’t a lot of instances in which that occurs!

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Anonymous idk if it's because of ur makeup but it doesn't show ur eyelids. do u like the results?

I am very very happy with the results, and my make up does make the entire look more natural but I’m not sure what you mean by it doesn’t show my eyelids? You can’t see the fold?

Anonymous 절개법isn't natural looking. I'm sure you can tell the difference easily even by strangers cus it's super obvious. they literally cut your eyes. did it hurt? does look pretty natural to me… no one can tell that I got surgery! Even my friends didn’t notice until I told them… lol

Well, of course it hurt, but the pain is seriously not as bad as I thought it’ll be

Work Out Diet Start Over

Okay. I’m starting my diet/work out over again since it’s summer and all and I have to go to Kaskade’s concert and the beach and New York with my boyfriend in roughly four weeks. So I’ll be down to 110 lbs or less by that time.

Exercise: (my descriptions for these exercise aren’t supposed to make sense, as I don’t know the technical terms for them, just for me)

Treadmill for 30 minutes

Ab work out/dance (wave and side rotation): 2 songs each

Bicycle crunch: 2 songs

Leg cycle and leg lifts (lying down): 2 songs

Hip lift/ab work out: 2 songs

Leg lifts (standing) and toe-ups: 2 songs each


Breakfast: Half a sweet-potato

Lunch: Half a sweet-potato

Dinner: normal, half portions

Count calories.

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Anonymous I've been considering getting surgery on my eyes for a very long time and I was wondering which specific place you went to in Korea for your operation? I've been trying to read and see people's opinions (those who have gotten eyelid surgery at clincs) online, so that I know where not to go and places that have given good results (as well as prices). :DD

I went to Bu-pyeon, Incheon, South Korea at TOP Plastic Surgery (부편 인천) Since I, my sister, and my cousin got it all from there, I would say that I really like the results! If you can read/understand Korean, just search it through google? But usually, just ask people that have gotten it done, they’ll usually the ones that will give better opinions.


I know I’m not fat. I never was and I’ll never will be. I’m quite the average sized girl, smaller than most, but not tiny.

I’ve been gaining weight and blubber for the past few months mainly because of terrible diet choices: college life ftw. I really can’t help it.. it’s either eat the fat-ridden food that will get me obese, or starve. And I like food. I’d rather not starve, thank you very much.

I just miss being FIT. Having ABS. Being able to wear shorts and know that my legs are TONED. Waving my arms in the air and not worry about jiggling.

I miss being healthy..

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i’m so upset :(

i have a coldsore :(

can’t kiss andrew :(

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this is my outfit for my date tomorrow :)

this is my outfit for my date tomorrow :)

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i look skinny
photoshop ftw


i look skinny

photoshop ftw

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hi guys. i have sparkly eyeballs. why am i so fucking kawaii..
hahahaha sorry.


hi guys. i have sparkly eyeballs. why am i so fucking kawaii..

hahahaha sorry.

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